Bridging the Gap: The Human-Animal Bond

Did you know that almost 50% of domestic violence victims stay in abusive situations because they don’t want to leave their pet behind? This staggering statistic is made worse by the fact that only 3% of domestic violence shelters allow family pets to accompany victims.

Domestic abuse rates in the United States are directly affected by animal welfare. It’s a surprising correlation, and one of the many Breanna and I discovered when we started our animal welfare non-profit finn2finn Alliance.

As our non-profit began to take shape, again and again, we came across the same theme: HUMANS AND ANIMALS ARE CONNECTED. You can see it in last year’s Equine Welfare Campaign as well as in this year’s aptly named Human-Animal Bond Campaign.

It turns out there’s a reason we have close relationships with animals. According to Harvard Medical School, several studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-owners and the power of touch also appears to be an important part of this "pet effect." Our blood pressure actually goes down when we pet an animal.


So Breanna and I came to a logical conclusion:

If we protect the animals, we protect the people. If we protect the people, we protect the animals. And…here’s the epiphany: when both animals and people are protected, so is the planet.

Science is starting to support this, too. Recent studies are suggesting there might be a positive connection between pets and wildlife conservation. For example, Psychology Today reported a study in which identification with a favorite pet not only showed a strong association with identification with animals in general, it was also linked positively to identification with the natural world as a whole.

It’s about seeing ourselves as part of nature, not separate from it.

I now know that my whole animal-loving career has been more than just about helping animals. It’s been about helping animals > help people > help the planet we live on. It’s all connected. And when one part of this intricate puzzle is unhealthy, everyone and everything suffers.

During this past year – especially while building our 2019 Human-Animal Bond Campaign – Breanna and I realized that if we were really going to start a movement in animal welfare, we had to recognize the bigger impact that protecting animals has on us and on the planet.

We decided to do what no animal welfare charity has done so far: we decided to create a non-profit that encompasses animals AND humans AND the environment. A non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap that currently exists between animal welfare and conservation, which are treated as competitive spaces in the non-profit world. Until now.

That’s why Breanna and I formed Well Beings with the mission of “saving animals, our planet and our future.”

This is only the beginning and we’re glad you’re here with us at the start of what we aim to grow into an impactful global movement. But we need your help.

There are many ways you can start: by taking small actions in your daily lifestyle, by taking our pledge, or by donating to our cause.

Every little bit helps. And everyone’s contribution counts. Including yours.

Thanks for joining us. We’re happy you’re here.

- Amanda