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Monica and Zeus

Meet Monica and Zeus. Theirs is a story that begs the question we find ourselves asking often (especially since the start of our Human-Animal Bond campaign):


As you know, one of our non-profit partners is ARF (Hi @tlrarf 👋🏻!) and this pair met through their Pets and Vets program. Experiencing increasing effects of PTSD after military service, Monica didn’t like being out and about. Zeus (four-legged lad pictured here) had been living with an elderly couple who fell ill and could no longer properly care for him. Alas, M and Z were paired thanks to Animal Rescue Fund’s diligence.

“Zeus has changed my life for the better,” she says.

We bet Zeus would say “THE FEELING’S MUTUAL, MOM!!!” (#ifdogscouldtalk)

Today, Zeus is specially trained to recognize her stress and that makes the notion and experience of going out in public much less daunting.

“Just knowing he’s there makes a big difference.”

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This is Gideon. When he was 7 he participated in our partner Teach HEART's program “Caring Kids: Animal Ambassadors” in partnership with Animal Haven. As an Animal Ambassador, Gideon took part in five different programs, each three sessions long, learning about topics including companion animal protection, the importance of adopting small furry animals, birds, and reptiles, building reverence for farm animals, protecting wildlife, and humane training techniques, along with promoting dog and cat adoptions. Gideon explained, “I read this book called ‘Harry the Homeless Puppy’ and people were volunteering at this animal shelter. So after I read the whole book, my mom [and I] went online and we tried to find local animal shelters that I could volunteer at. All the animal shelters didn’t really have something for kids my age. So, we found Animal Haven. It was the best.” Gideon and his mom would travel from Staten Island to NYC for him to participate in this unique program.⁠

Gideon is now 13 years old. His grandmother just adopted two puppy mill rescues. He also encouraged his dad to return to school for his masters at NYU for animal studies! 👏🏻

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Alliance Member @mashasavesanimals recently spent the holidays with sea turtles! She visited an incredible rescue project in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park, which released approximately 10,000 sea turtles just in 2017 alone 👏🏻 Corcovado Foundation @fundacioncorcovado is now fundraising for community education and turtle tracking microchips. Join Masha and donate to their amazing work, link in bio! FB: @cfseaturtles 🌊🐢🐚🏝❤