Amanda Hearst and Breanna Schultz are the co-founders behind Well Beings. They were brought together by their passion for animal welfare, which led to over five years of collaboration within NYC Animal Welfare groups. Most recently they were committee members/founder of Friends of Finn, a group within the Humane Society of the United States dedicated to ending the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills. They were driven to expand their reach to other animal welfare and conservation issues, ultimately realizing that saving animals means saving the habitats they live in, which means saving the habitat WE live in.



Well Beings is growing a next-gen movement that elevates and unites animal welfare and environmental protection by shining a spotlight on new models and helping to scale the most promising solutions.



We believe everything is connected so we foster empathy. We educate. We focus on solutions because we envision a kind, thriving, safe world for all beings.



We celebrate the connection and interdependence between all living beings and habitats on the planet where we all co-exist. We place our trust in collaboration and transparency and believe that together we can make incremental positive impact on the one world we share.



Each year we choose one critical area and use our platform to raise funding and awareness for our partner organizations. We work hand in hand with our partners to create a holistic campaign that tackles tough issues with a comprehensive, problem-solving approach. In addition to program funding, we offer our partners connections and networking with other thought leaders, experts and innovators in the space. Our campaigns are all connected and together they build on each other to underscore our #world(view).


Remember, everyone can help

No donation is too big or too small. Every little bit helps and everyone’s contribution counts, even if it’s simply making small changes to your daily lifestyle.